In addition to my workshops, in which we approach different topics artistically, I also offer individual lessons for individuals or small groups in my new Atelier & Showroom.

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About my Workshops

Painting is like a voyage of discovery that always leaves you with new surprises. Through painting one promotes one's optical and sensual perception and opens up to new perspectives on the world.

It's a world of colors and shapes. Over time, one recognizes the different contrasting effects that play their complex and diverse game on a canvas or on another medium. The canvas functions as a mirror or image of the world around us and of ourselves.

Painting can be learned in simple, clearly structured steps - provided one has a good portion of patience and healthy self-criticism and above all a love of color and color combinations.

During the process of creating the picture, we experience a new sense of time, we can immerse ourselves and forget ourselves - a beneficial relaxation takes place.

Let me accompany you on this exciting and insightful journey and become an explorer yourself...

Past Workshops